I was commissioned by the Greensand Country Landscape Partnership Project to produce a number of different works to celebrate the sounds of Greensand Country and promote the practice of listening as means to improve wellbeing and greater engagement in the natural world. 

I created a basic guide to field recording via a series of three videos. The guide is designed for those completely new to field recording and has an emphasis on using smart phones to collect audio.

Alongside this short course was a sound archive from sites all along Greensand Country made on the 8th March and 9th April 2021. An open call was put out for residents and visitors to collect and submit their own recordings, which will be included in the archive in due course.

Finally I created an audio piece which uses written descriptions, processed audio and sound design, and several of the archive's recordings, to create a piece of work which documents this part of the UK at this specific time.