I was asked to create some work for the ‘Pavilion of the Senses’; a five-day exhibition held at a stall on Norwich market, curated by Megan Ryder.

Each day a different artist made work in response to one of the five senses. I made Perpetua 2; A very simple perpetual system which uses the random pattern of a PC fan to make sound, sent to a surface transducer attached to a piece of a washing machine.

Apart from the guitar, the whole piece is made from junk or repurposed objects. Sound is made when the fan plucks the strings and when the fan motor causes interference by the copper coils on the guitar pick-ups. This is the first time I’ve had work in such a public place and although it was fantastic to engage with a brand new audience (lots of interest), it was challenging to get a decent recording due to the ambient noise. Also, the battery in my external mic failed hence the poor sound quality in this video.